Bulk Internet

GRID brings enterprise-class internet services to the home. Our custom built solutions use carrier-grade equipment and infrastructure to deliver next-generation download speeds of up to 1Gbps at multi dwelling unit (MDU) properties.

Why Enterprise-Class?

GRID invests heavily in equipment and infrastructure. We say our services are “enterprise-class” because the technology we use is the same implemented by Fortune 500 companies to drive innovation and competitiveness. With robust architecture underpinning a property’s connectivity backbone, you receive a drastically more reliable and efficient Internet connection at each unit.

Why Next-Generation Internet Speeds?

The Internet has become a key part of our lives. We use it everyday to manage our finances, communicate with friends and family and enjoy leisure time. With this trend comes the development of more useful and valuable applications that require higher bandwidth to function.

At present, many consumer-grade internet service providers cannot, or will not, deliver the bandwidth speeds needed to support next-generation services effectively. This stifles the adoption and enjoyment of such applications and innovations.

Why GRID Internet Services?

GRID builds networks that handle today’s, tomorrow’s and next decade’s demand for faster Internet speeds and reliability.

We design our services around the consumer need for bandwidth that can handle simultaneous online activities like peak Internet browsing, online gaming, video calling, social networking and voice over IP without it affecting user experience. With next-generation Internet speeds within your community, property becomes more desirable, attracting more buyers and increasing home valuations.

And the best thing about GRID services is that they are fully scalable. With the technology we use, whatever Internet speeds are commercially available, we’ll bring them to your property.

Customized Solutions

Our expertise in Fiber, Ethernet, coaxial and wireless technology means we deliver custom solutions for specific property requirements or demographics.

By delivering our services as a bulk internet agreement, home owners save big money – up to 50% against individual subscriptions and receiving download speeds 100 times faster than the competition.

To find out more about how your property can join the connectivity revolution, call 1-855-543-GRID (4743) now, or ask your HOA or property manager to leave us a message and we’ll get in touch.

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